Modern households depend on water for bathing, washing clothes, and cooking. Plumbing problems interrupt the flow of water. They can be inconvenient at best, and at worst can cause expensive water damage. Learn how to recognize signs of a plumbing problem in the home so you can get it fixed early.

Five Signs You Have a Plumbing Problem at Home

1. Low Pressure

A leak in a pipe or the water heater may cause low water pressure. A blockage could also cause a sudden loss in water pressure.  Determine if it’s a single tap with low pressure or if the problem affects the entire house. Check that the water valves are fully open and that the pressure regulator is working before calling a plumber to find the leak or blockage.

2. Slow Drains Indicate a Plumbing Problem

A major sign of a plumbing problem is slow drains. One slow drain is usually a problem in a single pipe or fixture. When all of the drains in your home are slow, you have a clog somewhere in the sewer line. Fixing this is a job that is best left to the professionals. They have the tools and the equipment to clear clogs effectively and get the drains flowing freely again.

3. Foul Smells Coming Out of the Drain

If you get a whiff of sewer gas coming out of your drains, that smell is a sign of a problem. A likely cause is that the trap has run dry, which lets sewer gas come through since there is no water to block it. You may just need to pour some water into the drain if this is the issue. A more serious issue causing this problem is a loose connection in the vent trap or sewer line, which requires a plumber to fix.

4. Frequent Clogged Drains

A plumbing clog is an occasional occurrence in most houses. However, when your drains are often clogged, and nothing you do is clearing the problem, it’s time for professional help. In the case of a severe clog, a plumber can send a sewer inspection camera down the drain and see what’s causing the trouble. It could be a major obstruction caused by grease, hair, and other materials, or it could be an invasion of tree roots. In any case, they have the equipment to pinpoint and clear the clog.

5. High Water Bills

One obvious sign of a plumbing problem at home is an increased water bill. When your utility bill is suddenly higher for no apparent reason, you likely have a water leak. The leak may be underground if you haven’t noticed any water. Call a plumber right away to find and remedy hidden leaks.

If you have plumbing issues, call a professional. The experts have the right tools to troubleshoot and solve problems with your home’s plumbing.

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