Maintaining Your Home’s Value

Arranging home maintenance inspections is a great way to maintain a home’s value and identify areas that could use some attention.

Whether you are looking to sell the property or stay long term, keeping on top of maintenance relieves stress associated with fixing or updating outdated or damaged components. Homeowners should know the type, cost, and recommended frequency of these inspections. Read on for a brief overview.

What are Home Maintenance Inspections?

Home maintenance inspections are all-inclusive and cover most aspects of a home, such as the electrical, plumbing, foundation, and roofing. They’re the equivalent of a complete home inspection that’s conducted before a potential buyer closes on a new home, only they’re requested by the homeowner.

A home maintenance inspection is a good way to check up on your home’s health and budget for needed repairs and replacements in the future. Often the home inspector may find areas of minor concern that you can address early to avoid more costly repairs. You can use the report as a guide to help prioritize work on your home, whether DIY repairs or those that will require professional attention.

How Often to Perform Inspections

It’s recommended to have a home inspected every few years, even if no apparent damage or defects exist. It may be necessary to order maintenance inspections more frequently, depending on particular circumstances.

It is good to have a home inspection after extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, blizzards, and floods. If you’re planning on selling your home, order a home maintenance inspection to identify potential fixes that could add value to your home before it’s listed for sale.

Cost of Home Maintenance Inspections

Costs vary depending on where your property is located and the size of your home, however, most start around $350 and go up from there. The home inspector will identify minor and major defects and include details and photos in the comprehensive home inspection report.

When you know about these issues early, you can perform maintenance on your home over time at your own pace rather than having to complete all repairs at once.

Planning out repairs helps to make caring for the house more affordable by reducing the financial burden posed during any one period of time. Instead, you can make repairs and upgrades as time goes on to maintain the home’s value and integrity. Preventative maintenance will help keep your property in great shape for years to come.

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