While having some DIY skills is great for any homeowner, there are some tasks that you shouldn’t attempt on your own. Here are 8 services that are best to hire a home improvement professional for.

Hire a Home Improvement Professional for Exterior House Painting

Painting the inside walls of a house is a project that can be completed by beginner DIYers. Painting your home exterior is a whole different story. It requires climbing on ladders or even setting up scaffolding for some structures.

Paint sprayers are commonly used when painting home exteriors, but they require training and experience to get good results. If the outside of your home needs a new paint job, hire a professional.

Electrical Work

Even minor electrical work, like replacing a light fixture or outlet, can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. More complicated jobs, like grounding a circuit and fixing a hotspot, should always be addressed by a certified electrician. Working with electricity in any capacity is risky. A small mistake can cause electrocution or a house fire.

Hire a Home Improvement Professional for Mold Remediation

Mold growth in a home causes unhealthy living conditions. It is important to address a mold problem right away, but attempting to clean up and remove a severe mold infestation is challenging. This task is best completed by someone with the proper training, tools, and PPE. Professional mold remediation companies have the experience and gear to remove mold safely and effectively.

Radon Testing

Every home should be tested for radon. While DIY test kits are available, they are less accurate than professional tests. Radon exposure causes lung cancer, so you want to be sure about the levels in your home. Hire a professional home inspector who specializes in radon testing.

Hire a Home Improvement Professional for Roof Repairs

The condition of your roof plays a big role in the protection of your whole home from the elements. If the roof is leaking or otherwise compromised, other parts of your home and your belongings are likely to get damaged. Trying to fix a roof yourself can be ineffective and dangerous. Hire a roofing contractor to perform repairs.

HVAC Servicing

Your HVAC system should be serviced twice a year; once before the AC gets turned on and once before the furnace is used for the season. Leave it to an HVAC technician for this service. You heavily rely on this system to keep your home safe and comfortable at the hottest and coldest time of the year, so it needs to be maintained properly.

Chimney Cleaning

Chimney fires are one of the main causes of house fires. Hire a professional chimney sweep to clean your chimney ahead of cold weather. Cleaning a chimney is a dangerous and difficult job, so don’t attempt to do it on your own.

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