Some plants love the summer heat; peppers and tomatoes are good examples. Others struggle in high temperatures. When there’s a heatwave on the way, preparing your lawn and garden can mean the difference between plants that thrive and those that fail to survive. Here are a few tips and tricks to help your garden survive summer.

Survey the Yard

As the sun moves over the course of the day, different parts of the yard receive more sun, and others are left in the shade. Unless you pay attention, you might place plants in the wrong location. Pay close attention to these areas of your property, especially during summer. The parts of the yard that receive afternoon sun should only have plants recommended for full sun.

Mulch Correctly to Help Your Garden Survive Summer

Many homeowners add mulch in the spring and fall, but it’s also a critical component to help your garden survive summer. Add 3-5 inches of organic mulch, pine needles, or straw around shrubs and plants vulnerable to heat. Mulch locks in moisture, keeping the soil damp and guarding against the sun’s heat. As a bonus, mulching reduces the chance of weeds forming in your flower beds.

Add Support Against Windy Conditions

Another key strategy to help your garden survive summer is to limit the effect of harsh dry wind. Trellises or dowels with ties support young plants, trees, shrubs, and climbing plants like tomatoes and cucumbers. Windy days cause moisture to evaporate quickly and reduce water absorption by plants, so it’s helpful to water deeply and thoroughly on windy days.

Give Container Plants Extra Care

Container gardening is growing in popularity, but plants in containers are more vulnerable to overheating and drying out. Because the soil is above ground, delicate plants do not have the deeper, cooler soil a foot below the ground. To help your garden survive summer, water container plants every day during the hottest time of the year. During heat waves, move sensitive plants to shadier parts of the yard.

Help Your Garden Survive Summer by Installing Temporary Shade

If you are experiencing a heatwave, choose temporary shade solutions to add protection. Shade cloth comes in a variety of transparencies and allows some sunlight in. A patio umbrella or portable shade canopy can guard delicate plants against the worst of the sun. Container plants can be moved to parts of the yard with tree cover in the afternoon.

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